How to remove the O11D logo plate

To remove the original O11D nameplate you will need a couple of tools. First, you’ll need something to heat the rear of the computer case to make the glue more workable - I used a hair dryer and it worked perfectly. You could also use a heatgun. The only other tool you will really need is something to help pry away the plate from the case. A spudger or a guitar pick will help. I wouldn’t recommend using a screwdriver or anything that could mark the case.

On to the method.

First, make sure that your computer is off (if it’s already built). This process is a little easier with the case empty, but it doesn’t make too much difference.

Now, Take off the top panel, and the side glass panel to get access to the plate. You can also take off the front panel too it it makes it easier for you.

Start heating the rear of the case at the backside of the nameplate to heat up the adhesive on the back of nameplate.

WARNING: the rear of the case will get very hot, be careful.

Start using the spudger to pry the edges of one side of the plate, you should be able to get it under one of the edges.

Keep prying - the nameplate might bend slightly, so if you’re concerned about that, take your time and go around the whole plate gently prying the plate away from the case.

Once you have a hold on the underside of the plate, you can start to pull it away. The adhesive is strong, so keep that in mind. Take your time.

Finally, you should now have the plate out of the case. Not too difficult!

There shouldn’t be any residue on the case (at least there wasn’t when I removed my plate).

Now you can install your new PC Nameplate in your case!