Bespoke aluminium plates for your LianLi O11D

Go one step further than anyone else with a custom O11D PC Nameplate that finally completes your build.

Choose from 3 brilliant aluminium finishes

Our bespoke plates are custom cut to match the exact footprint of the original. Brushed silver, brushed gold, and white options allow you to choose the style best suited to your build.

Brushed silver aluminium
Brushed gold aluminium
White aluminium

Brushed silver closely matches the original plate, while brushed gold offers a flashier option in the same style. And our white plate is perfect for full-colour images.

Create any design to fit your build.

From logos to images and anything inbetween.

Brushed silver aluminium
Brushed gold plate

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order without using Etsy?

Yes, we can process payments via Stripe if you can't use Etsy for whatever reason. Just send an email and we can process your order.

Do you ship to my country?

Send us an email with some details and we'll figure it out!

What format does my image need to be?

We need your design in a 992x620 resolution - .png files are fine. Increasing the size of your image to fit this resolution might make your image lower quality.

Can you help with my designs?

Email us and we'll see how we can help!

Can you do bulk orders?

Yes! We offer bulk orders for people and companies. Email us for details.

Can the custom plate be removed from my case?

We ship each plate with a self-adhesive magnet. This makes it super easy to install and remove whenever you need. Check our guides page for removal and installation instructions.

Can I use a PC Nameplate in my O11D XL / mini?

Our plates were designed especially for the O11D range of cases, but they can be installed in any build that has space.

Our plates do not fit the Evo range of cases - they use a different sized plate.

How do I send my design and choose my plate style?

Right now we require you to email us with your image and your choice of plate. Image uploading and plate selection is coming soon!

What colours can be in my design?

Your design can be in full colour with the exception of white. Our transfer method DOES NOT transfer white. All white in your design will show as the colour of the plate you choose.


Email me here: to send questions, as well as to send details of your chosen plate style and your design.